Compañía Teatrocinema
Autor Hernán Rivera Letelier

Country: Chile
Discipline: Theater, Cinema
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes, (no intermission)
Recommended for: +12
Language: Spanish, subtitles in English

María Margarita is the best at interpreting the stories from the movies for those who live in the mining camp on the nitrate salt flats. After seeing the movies projected at the movie theater in the office, she relates, acts, sings and performs the romance, adventures and heroics of the movies to a captive audience of miners and their families. However, the camp, its inhabitants and the nitrate fields themselves are facing extinction. Over the course of just one lifetime, everything fades and disappears. Only María Margarita and the ghosts who inhabit her fantasies remain.


Teatrocinema One of the iconic companies in the Chilean theater scene. Its origins can be traced back to the 1980s, and the birth of La Troppa company, which created unforgettable works, such as Gemelos and Pinocchio. In 2005, two of its members, Laura Pizarro and Zagal, re-established the company under the ...


Hernán Rivera Letelier


Novel by: Hernán Rivera Letelier | Adaptation: Laura Pizarro, Dauno Totoro, Julián Marras, Montserrat Antileo Antequera, Zagal | Script: Zagal y Montserrat Antileo Antequera | Cast: Laura Pizarro, Sofía Zagal, Christian Aguilera, Daniel Gallo, Fernando Oviedo | Directed by: Zagal / Director's assistant: Montserrat Antileo Antequera | Art direction: Vittorio Meschi | Editing and multimedia direction: Montserrat Antileo Antequera | Technical director: Luis Alcaide | Original score: Zagal | Songs and vocal arrangements: Sofía Zagal, Christian Aguilera | Sound band design: Teatrocinema, Juan Ignacio Morales | Illumination design: Luis Alcaide | Illumination design assistant: Álvaro Salinas | Storyboard: Vittorio Meschi | Multimedia programming: Mirko Petrovich | 3D Modeling: Max Rosenthal | Textures: Vittorio Meschi | Animations: Sebastián Pinto, Max Rosenthal | Post-Production: Sebastián Pinto | Photography: Montserrat Antileo Antequera, Jorge Aguilar | Chroma and video: Teatrocinema, Jorge Aguilar | Scenography design: Teatrocinema | Props design: Vittorio Meschi, Luis Alcaide | Costume design José Luis Plaza | Costume production: Cristián Miranda | Costume manufacturing: Marta Bravo, Rude Segura | Scenography & props manufacturing: Daniel Figueroa, Álvaro Salinas, Teatrocinema | Illumination operator: Luis Alcaide | Video operator: Vittorio Meschi | Sound operator: Juan Ignacio Morales | Production & logistics: Sally Silva, Julián Marras | Production assistant: Lucio González | International management: Loreto Araya | General production: Teatrocinema | Co-producers: Teatrocinema, CorpArtes, Le Manège-Mons Centre Dramatique, Scène Nationale de Sète et du Bassin de Thau, La Rose des Vents, Next Festival | Media partner: LitoralPress | Technology Partner: Valook | With the support of Fondart 2014, Línea de apoyo a Organizaciones Culturales, ONDA (Office National de Diffusion Artistique) | Special thanks Corporación Memoria Chacabuco, Antonio Zagal, La Elefanta Producciones, Siete Rayos, Fabrice Murgia, Giacinto Caponio & Compagnie Artara


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