Compañía Teatrocinema

Country: Chile
Discipline: Theater
Length: 50 minutes
Recommended for: 3+ years

El sueño de Mó is the first family play directed by Chilean theater company Teatrocinema, a collective with a trajectory of over 10 years, standing out for the creation of a language that fuses theater, cinema and comics. The play tells Mó’s story, a solitary clown that wanders through different locales, trying to break free from his loneliness.

Speaking about the piece in an interview with La Tercera, director Juan Carlos Zagal said, “El Sueño de Mó (Mó’s Dream) is the prince’s journey to liberate the princess, a new version of that archetype. We posit that, for the world around him to flourish, Mó must be in balance with his feminine side. Like the Chinese principles, he must balance yin and yang, light and darkness.”


Teatrocinema One of the iconic companies in the Chilean theater scene. Its origins can be traced back to the 1980s, and the birth of La Troppa company, which created unforgettable works, such as Gemelos and Pinocchio. In 2005, two of its members, Laura Pizarro and Zagal, re-established the company under the ...


Compañy: Teatrocinema | General Direction: Juan Carlos Zagal | Original Script: Juan Carlos Zagal, Laura Pizarro, Daniel Gallo, Christian Aguilera, Julián Marras, Sofía Zagal | Cast: Daniel Gallo | Original Music: Juan Carlos Zagal | Animation and Postproduction:Francisco Jullia n, Vittorio Meschi, Sebastián Pinto and Max Rosenthal | Onstage Operators: Julián Marras and Christian Aguilera | Technical Direction: Luis Alcaide | Art Direction: Teatrocinema | Multimedia Direction: Teatrocinema | Lighting Design and Operation: Luis Alcaide Diseño | Soundtrack Operator: Alonso Orrego | Assistant Director: Sofía Zagal | Multimedia Programmer: Mirko Petrovich


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