This aims to shine a light on outstanding examples from the local stage and to encourage theater footfall beyond the summer season.

About Teatro Hoy

What does Chilean theater today deal with? Who are the new artists, playwrights and directors writing the theater of the future? These are some of the questions behind this season of contemporary Chilean theater. Every year since 2011, between April and July, this initiative has been aimed at shining a light on the work of young creators and outstanding examples from the local stage and to encouraging theater footfall beyond the summer season.


The Teatro a Mil Foundation organizes Teatro Hoy with support from the Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage and its main aim is to promote a theater season with shows of the highest quality by companies that have developed a career based on new esthetic approaches, topics and techniques. Its eight versions have brought together the main voices from the local stage, making room both for up-and-coming and established companies.

Among the plays that have been performed during this season, emblematic companies nowadays stand out, such as Sin sangre and El hombre que daba de beber a las mariposas by Teatro Cinema; Cristo and Zoo by Teatro de Chile; La amante fascista by Alejandro Moreno, directed by Víctor Carrasco; Velorio chileno, Castigo and Paso del norte by Cristián Plana; Sobre la cuerda floja by Teatro y su Doble (formerly Teatro Milagros); El año en que nací by Lola Arias; La Reunión by Teatro en el Blanco; Villa+Discurso and Escuela by Guillermo Calderón; La imaginación del futuro and La dictadura de lo cool by La Re-sentida; Tu amarás by Teatro Bonobo and Estado vegetal by Manuela Infante.


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