Autor Ricardo Piglia
Compañía Teatrocinema

Country: Chile
Discipline: Theater
Duration: 2 hours
Recommended for: +16

Renowned national company Teatrocinema brings a captivating adaptation of the award-winning novel Plata quemada by Argentine writer Ricardo Piglia to the stage. Based on a true story that happened in the province of Buenos Aires in 1965, it tells of a group of politicians, police, and criminals who plot a huge robbery on an armored truck. As they escape, the robbers decide to double-cross the others and escape with all the money. Cornered, a siege begins, with the gangsters resisting right up to the very end.

Plata quemada is a Teatrocinema, Teatro a Mil Foundation, Chilean Chamber of Construction, and Chilean Chamber of Construction Cultural Corporation coproduction, with support from a Fondart 2018 grant from the Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage.


Ricardo Piglia This Argentine writer (1941-2017) was also a literary critic and essayist, as well as a professor of literature at Harvard and Princeton in the United States. He wrote five novels, several short stories, various essays and also an autobiographical series called Los diarios de Emilio Renzi. Años de formación y ...


Teatrocinema One of the iconic companies in the Chilean theater scene. Its origins can be traced back to the 1980s, and the birth of La Troppa company, which created unforgettable works, such as Gemelos and Pinocchio. In 2005, two of its members, Laura Pizarro and Zagal, re-established the company under the ...


Novel written by: Ricardo Piglia | Script: Teatrocinema, Zagal and Sofía Zagal in collaboration with Montserrat Quezada | General director: Zagal | Assistant directors: Sofía Zagal and Laura Pizarro | Cast: Christian Aguilera, Daniel Gallo, Esteban Cerda and Julián Marras | Art directors: Vittorio Meschi and Max Rosenthal | Set, lighting and costumes designed by: Teatrocinema | Original score: Zagal | Lighting designer: Luis Alcaide | Soundtrack created by: Teatrocinema | Storyboard: Vittorio Meschi | Multimedia designer: Mirko Petrovich | 3D modeling and 2D-3D animation: Max Rosenthal | 2D drawing and animation: Vittorio Meschi | Post-production: Vittorio Meschi and Max Rosenthal | Multimedia operator: Lucio González | Lighting operator: Luis Alcaide | Sound engineer: Juan Ignacio Morales | Costume designer: José Luis Plaza | Producers: Sally Silva and Teatrocinema | Coproducers: Teatrocinema; Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage; Fondart (2018 national funding); Teatro a Mil Foundation; the Chilean Chamber of Construction and the Cultural Corporation of the Chilean Chamber of Construction | With support from: the Aldea del Encuentro Corporation, Litoralpress and Valook | Sponsored by: the Illustrious Municipality of La Reina


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