Direction TeatroCinema

By Gustav Mahler
Directed by Teatrocinema
Country Chile
Discipline Music, Opera, Theater and Animatic
Duration 70 minutes
Recommended for All audiences

Mahler’s penultimate completed work defies classification: it’s neither song cycle, symphony nor operatic drama. Inspired by ancient Chinese poems, Das Lied von der Erde (The Song of the Earth) is impregnated with an existentialism that navigates its way through chaos, confusion, contemplation, beauty and death in an emotional portrait of the sometimes cruel, sometimes beautiful cycle of life.

This piece had its world premiere in April 6th 2018 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California, where it was conducted by Gustavo Dudamel and performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic (LAPHIL).

This piece had its Chilean premiere in January 10th 2019 at the Teatro Universidad de Chile in Santiago. Performed by the eighty musicians of the Chilean National Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Chilean conductor Paolo Bortolameolli, Gustav Mahler’s renowned composition expands its musical limits this time and takes on a life and form of its own. This is thanks to the multidisciplinary style of Chilean company Teatrocinema, well-known for its innovative merging of live performance with video effects. Their images and projections, daydreams and symbolism - accompanying and interpreting Mahler’s music - tower over the two renowned Chilean opera singers involved


TeatroCinema is one of the most important companies on the Chilean theater scene. Its roots go back to the 1980’s and the La Troppa company, with its unforgettable plays such as Gemelos (Twins) and Pinocchio. In 2005, two of its members, Laura Pizarro and Juan Carlos Zagal, re-founded the group under the name Teatrocinema, a multidisciplinary artistic group whose style has merged essential elements of the theater, cinema and comics in plays such as Sin Sangre (Without Blood), El Hombre Que Daba de Beber a las Mariposas (The Man Who Fed Butterflies), Historia de Amor (Love Story) and La Contadora de Películas (The Movie Teller). Teatrocinema has performed at some the most important venues and international festivals in the world, such as Le Festival d’Avignon, the Edinburgh Festival, the Lincoln Center and the Théâtre de l'Odéon in Paris.


By Gustav Mahler | Conductor Paolo Bortolameolli with the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Chile | Written and directed by Juan Carlos Zagal | Co-Directed by Yuval Sharon | Art director, storyboard and post-production Vittorio Meschi | Multimedia scriptwriter, editor and director Montserrat Antileo Antequera | Multimedia programmer and operator Mirko Petrovich | 3D models, animatic and post-production Max Rosenthal | Post-production Sebastián Pinto | Technical director Luis Alcaide | Assistant director and producer Laura Pizarro | Scriptwriter, actress and rigging object handler Sofía Zagal | Scriptwriter Julián Marras | Actor and rigging object handler Christian Aguilera | Actor and rigging object handler Daniel Gallo | Producer Sally Zagal & Teatrocinema | Co-producer Fundación Teatro a Mil | Media Partner LitoralPress | Commissioned by Los Angeles Philharmonic | Music and Artistic Director Gustavo Dudamel

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Andrés García