Actuación y Dirección Francisco Reyes
Dramaturgia Simón Reyes
Autor William Shakespeare

Country: Chile
Discipline: Theater | Puppet theater
Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended for: General public
Language: Spanish

Yorick, la historia de Hamlet is an appropriation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, based on the main soliloquys from the play as narrated by Yorick, a character who in the original piece is played by the iconic skull of the deceased jester. It’s a one-man show whose video version also includes characters played by plasticine puppets.

The show was created in 2014 as live theater and was conceived for outdoor performances in villages lacking cultural infrastructure, with the ruins of buildings historically important to these locations sought out for its performances. The current video version only involves the actor playing Yorick (Francisco Reyes), who also moves the plasticine puppets. It’s an intimate show by a storyteller, lit only by the light of a candle.


Francisco Reyes This actor has enjoyed a long career in theater, cinema and television. Unhappy with his job as an architectural graduate, he turned to music and then theater. A small role in a telefilm on the life of Saint Theresa of the Andes opened the doors to TV work, consolidating him ...


Simón Reyes He studied theater and theater directing at the Puckschule Experimental School in Stuttgart, where he learnt acting and directing according to the Michael Chejov method, as well as improvisation, juggling, poetry, dance, fencing, art history, commedia dell’arte, choral work and philosophy, among other things. He studied acting and directing under ...


William Shakespeare This English playwright and poet (1564-1616) is the undisputed universal master of literature and theater and of conveying his characters’ feelings, like pain, betrayal, love and jealously. That’s why plays such as Hamlet, King Lear, Othello, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer’s Night Dream are still completely relevant today and ...


General director and main character: Francisco Reyes | Camera and staging: Elisa Reyes | Puppet creation: Ismael Reyes | Dramaturgist: Simón Reyes | Comedian (video): José Soza


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