Direction Martín Erazo and Leandro Mendoza

By La Patogallina and Cíclicus
Country: Chile | Spain
Discipline: Physical theater
Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended for: General public

In this rustic opera that appears in front of the audience like a mirage, a funeral turns into a pagan festival; a coffin becomes a portal through which the voices of Atahualpa, the last Incan emperor and Jemanya, goddess of fertility, echo; the rites of yawar (the Festival of Blood) and roadside shrines appear. Physical theater and contemporary circus blend together to bring a series of dreamlike passages to life in a theatrical style involving objects, poetic images and live music.

Fuego rojo is a show from the Chilean La Patogallina and Catalan Cíclicus companies. It’s based on the Memoria del fuego trilogy by Uruguayan Eduardo Galeano, which brings into contention memory and current affairs. It’s a piece that asks questions can’t be answered, such as how much of our past have we lost, how much of it lives on in us today and if it’s possible to reconnect with these memories.


Martín Erazo Founder and artistic director of the Colectivo La Patogallina, codirector and cofounder of the audio intervention company Teatro del Sonido, codirector of FITKA (the Street Theater Festival) and director of the performing arts festival Festine de Isla Negra, he’s held workshops, seminars and theater, acting, self-management, improvisation and theatrical creation conferences both in Chile and abroad. He’s also directed performances in Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia. In Chile, he’s directed large-scale shows, such as the opening of the Altazor Awards, the name-changing ceremony of the Víctor Jara Stadium, the closing ceremony of Santiago a Mil 2015 with the show El gramófono and the inauguration of Santiago a Mil 2017 with Sin fronteras.


Leandro Mendoza Director, artista, técnico y constructor de circo. Es director artístico del festival Trapezi, Fira del Circ de Catalunya. En 2001 creó el festival Curtcirkit de Montgat (Barcelona) y es uno de los impulsores del Circ de Nadal de Vilanova i la Geltrú, centro de residencia para compañías de circo. Entre 2008 y 2012 estuvo a cargo del diseño técnico y en la dirección artística de La Central del Circ de Barcelona. En 2009 funda la compañía Cíclicus, donde desarrolla espectáculos como Retalls (2013), La Tartana (2014), y Pals (2015) con el que recibe el Premio Especial del Jurado en los premios Zirkolika del mismo año. Mendoza también ha dirigido el espectáculo de circo de fibras naturales El Guadual (2016), una coproducción del Teatro Sánchez Aguilar de Guayaquil.


Written and directed by: Martín Erazo and Leandro Mendoza | Assistant director: Francisca Arce | Cast: Francisca Arce, Gloria Salgado, Francisca Artaza, Valentina Peralta, Alex Carreño, Matias Burgos and Juan Ferino | Musical score: Alejandra Muñoz | Set design: Ulrich Weigel | Set construction: Taller La Patogallina | Press and publicity: José Arroyo | Produced by: Minga Producción Escénica.

Only available for producers and cultural managers interested in supporting the circulation of this show.

Andrés García