Dramaturgia Carla Zúñiga
Dirección Martín Erazo

Discipline: Theater
Language: Spanish
Recommended for: All audiences

"Paloma Ausente is street theater for the masses”. This is how the latest piece by the theatrical group La Patogallina, a show that looks at all the different social roles Violeta Parra played during her life and highlighting her spirit and legacy, has been described. Collaborator, mother, singer, guitar player and visual artist are just some of the sides to one of Chile’s most extraordinary creators. Physical theater, the use of objects and puppets, the creation of poetic images and the essential presence of live music form the popular street style used by La Patogallina to pay homage to the country’s great singer-songwriter. Far removed from theater full of folklore and costumbrismo, Paloma Ausente uses a theatrical style that isn’t based on reality but which has been described as ‘rural surrealism’. The play is a Teatro a Mil Foundation co-production that was one of several different initiatives supported by the National Council for Culture and the Arts to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Violeta Parra’s birth.


Carla Zúñiga


Martín Erazo Founder and artistic director of the Colectivo La Patogallina, codirector and cofounder of the audio intervention company Teatro del Sonido, codirector of FITKA (the Street Theater Festival) and director of the performing arts festival Festine de Isla Negra, he’s held workshops, seminars and theater, acting, self-management, improvisation and theatrical creation ...


Directed by Martín Erazo | Dramatic structure and original idea by Martin Erazo| Script development Carla Zúñiga and Martín Erazo | Cast Sandra Figueroa, Victoria González, Gloria Salgado, Laura Maldonado, Matías Burgos, Juan Ferino, Eduardo Moya, Rodrigo Rojas, Cael Orrego and Antonio Sepúlveda | Musical director Alejandra Muñoz | Musicians Jaime Molina, Emilio Miranda, Alejandra Muñoz | Puppets Tomas O´Ryan & La Patogallina | Set, costume and lighting design La Patogallina | Set design consultant Pablo de la Fuente | Development Rodrigo Rojas, Eduardo Moya, Juan Ferino | Costume designer Antonio Sepúlveda | Sound Pablo Riveros | Produced by Lorena Ojeda Sepúlveda | A strategic project with the National Council for Culture and the Arts | Co-produced by the Teatro a Mil Foundation


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