Compañía Teatro y su Doble
Dirección Aline Kuppenheim
Dramaturgia Juan Villoro

Country: Chile
Discipline: Radio theater
Duration: 16 minutes 50 seconds
Recommended for: General public
Language: Spanish

We all know that when our cuddly toys are alone, they have great adventures. Have you ever asked yourself though what they do when they get lost? Lorenzo Orejas has a happy life with his owner, Natalia, until one day he falls into the gutter and gets lost. Entering a new world, he meets lots of other cuddly toys who are lost too and embarks on a journey that teaches him about the value of friendship and how to make friends when you go somewhere new.

Teatro y su Doble present this story by Mexican writer Juan Villoro in an audio-video conference format.


Teatro y su Doble Was formed in 2005 as the Milagros Theater to experiment with and create new theatrical styles and different theatrical tools. They used puppets from the very beginning, with these eventually becoming their tool of choice instead of actors. The puppeteer replaces the actor and is an invisible presence at the ...


Aline Kuppenheim


Juan Villoro Born in Mexico in 1956, this outstanding writer and essayist is the author of multiple novels, stories, columns, theater plays, movie scripts, translations and essays. Among his books are El testigo (winner of the Herralde award in 2004) and Llamadas de Ámsterdam (2007). He is one of Mexico’s most important ...


Written by: Juan Villoro | Company: Teatro y su Doble | Cast: Aline Kuppenheim, Loreto Moya, Ricardo Parraguez, Camila Cuesta | Director, general designer and audiovisual producer: Aline Kuppenheim.


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