Dirección Sebastián Vila
Dramaturgia Francisco Sánchez
Compañía Tryo Teatro Banda

Country: Chile
Discipline: Theater
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Recommended for: + 12
Language: Spanish

Tryo Teatro Banda tells the story of one of the most ridiculous episodes of the conquest of America: the exploits of Spanish duo Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro in their search to find and conquer the Inca Empire by capturing its last emperor, Atahualpa. The play depicts the meeting of two worlds, with a story marked by selfishness, greed, and betrayal. It also reflects on Chile’s role in this feat, which triggered a tragic end. The show is accompanied by a live chamber orchestra that is incorporated into the theatrical histrionics and completes this novel troubadour production.

Tragicomedia del ande is a Teatro a Mil Foundation and GAM Center coproduction, with financing from a 2018 National Cultural and Artistic Development Grant (Fondart).


Sebastián Vila An actor, director and drama teacher. He has taken part in plays such as La negra Ester and La consagración de la pobreza, directed by Andrés Pérez, as well as Las siete vidas del Tony Caluga, Woyzeck, Los ojos rotos and Grita, among others. In 1997, he founded the La ...


Francisco Sánchez An actor, musician, director, playwright and theater researcher, he’s the founder and director of Tryo Teatro Banda, with whom he has put on more than a dozen plays in Chile and abroad. His focus has been on developing a type of musical theater that brings back the art of the ...


Tryo Teatro Banda Founded in 2000, Tryo Teatro Banda is an independent traveling theater company dedicated to using topics related to Chile and combining acting, literature and live music. With the premiere of Cautiverio felis (sic) in 2005, they embarked on a journey to bring back the art of the old troubadours and ...


Researched and written by: Francisco Sánchez and Tryo Teatro Banda | General director: Sebastián Vila | Compositions and arrangements: Simón Schriever, Greco Acuña, Francisco Sánchez and Tryo Teatro Banda | Orchestration and conductor: Sebastián Errázuriz | Cast: María Izquierdo, Francisco Sánchez, Daniela Ropert, Valentina Jorquera Alfredo Becerra, Eduardo Irrazabal, Diego Chamorro | Musicians: Simón Schriever, Greco Acuña | Set, costume and lighting designer: Pablo De la Fuente, Pedro Gramegna | Sound: Maximiliano Cornejo | Lighting: Álvaro Meléndez | Choral preparation: Annie Murath | Andean musical consultant: Edwin Conde | Orchestra: MusicActual Ensemble| Press: Marietta Santi | Graphic designer: Juan Ignacio Viveros | General producer: Carolina González | Producer and negotiations: Ignacia Goycoolea | Original idea: Francisco Sánchez | Acknowledgements: Javier Bolivar | Coproduced by: the Teatro a Mil Foundation and the GAM Center, with financing from a 2018 National Cultural and Artistic Development Grant (Fondart).


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