Direction Nicolás Espinoza and Laurene Lemaitre
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Duration 1 hour 35 minutes
Recommended for +12 años
Language Spoken and subtitled Spanish and German

An eco-friendly community in the foothills of the mountains whose inhabitants, surrounded by nature, are separated from the rest of the drab city. When the authorities decide to build public housing there, the community feels threatened, fearing for its survival and the loss of its eco-friendly and progressive lifestyle. Desperate, they hire two German ‘experts’ whose job involves travelling all over the third world intervening in social crises. These experts will do everything possible to reinvent the community’s image and tell the world, ‘Yes to public housing, but not in my back yard!’.

NIMBY or Not in my Backyard is the name given to the concept this co-production between the Colectivo Zoológico and the Heidelberg Theater (Germany) incorporates, referring to communities that are opposed to the construction of projects that have an important environmental impact on their immediate surroundings, but who are not necessarily opposed to the idea behind what itself is built. The play was inspired by the 2003 dispute between an eco-friendly community in Peñalolén in Santiago and illegal occupiers of land in the same neighborhood when the government proposed building public housing for them on the community’s land. NIMBY (nosotros somos los buenos) fictionalizes said conflict, reflecting on the community’s values and limits.


Nicolás Espinoza is a Chilean director with a Masters in Staging and Set Design. He has worked as assistant director to Adel Hakim, Paulina García and Alfredo Castro. Together with the Los amigos de Chile group, he directed UNABOMBER and Atentado. In 2013, he was chosen to take part in the International Young Creators and Critics of the Dramatic Arts Conference, part of the Trans-American Festival in Montreal (Canada). With the Colectivo Zoológico, he has co-directed Conversaciones sobre el futuro, Un enemigo del pueblo, No tenemos que sacrificarnos por los que vendrán, DARK and NIMBY (nosotros somos los buenos).


Laurene Lemaitre es escenógrafa, directora y artista plástica francesa. Realizó estudios de diseño y artes aplicadas en Francia para especializarse en el ámbito de la escenografía y la dirección. Sus investigaciones se centran en unir arquitectura, imagen y poesía, interrogando la escenografía desde una dimensión visual y sensorial. En 2012, llegó a Chile y fundó el Colectivo Zoológico junto a Nicolás Espinoza. Ha codirigido Conversaciones sobre el futuro, Un enemigo del pueblo, No tenemos que sacrificarnos por los que vendrán, DARK y NIMBY (nosotros somos los buenos).


Juan Pablo Troncoso is an actor and playwright. He is a member of the Colectivo Zoológico and the La Junta company. He wrote the plays El Once, No tenemos que sacrificarnos por los que vendrán, NIMBY (nosotros somos los buenos) and Muerte y explosión de un anarquista chileno.


Directed by Nicolás Espinoza and Laurène Lemaitre | Set and costume designer Laurène Lemaitre | Lighting designer Hartmut Horn | Written by Juan Pablo Troncoso | Multimedia designer Pablo Mois | Playwright Sonja Winkel | Produced by Paula Pavez and Theater und orchester Heidelberg | Cast José Aguirre, Nicole Averkamp, Viviana Nass, Germán Pinilla, Juan Pablo Troncoso and Martin Wißner

Only available for producers and cultural managers interested in supporting the circulation of this show.

Touring team 15 people
Rooming list 15 single rooms
Author Royalties 10% of the box office

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