Direction Néstor Cantillana

By Colectivo The Braiers
Directed by Néstor Cantillana
Written by Egon Wolff
Country: Chile
Discipline: Radio theater
Duration: 11 pieces lasting between 5 and 6 minutes each

Written by Egon Wolff in 1963, this play deals with an upper-class Chilean family’s worst nightmare: the poverty-stricken, and this family’s fear and repulsion of them. The poor, the destitute and the homeless from the other side of the river finally cross this natural divide between ‘us and them’ and start taking over the city. Lucas Meyer, a successful businessman, watches as his house is overrun by a group led by China, a strange homeless man who not only is an eloquent speaker but also seems to know all about this businessman’s shady deals and how they cover up a crime.

This jewel of Chilean theater combines realistic theater with more dreamlike and disturbing elements. Listen to this quick-witted, clever script - that still makes sense and resonates in our times – on your headphones and with your eyes closed.


Néstor Cantillana Having studied at the Fernando Gonzalez Theater School, he’s worked on numerous productions, starring in plays such as Hamlet, Calígula, El misántropo, Roberto Zuco, Delirio and Bajo hielo. As a director, he has put on plays by Marguerite Duras, Philipp Löhle, Rafael Spregelburd and Lola Arias. He has also taken part in numerous television series on channels like TVN, Canal 13, Chilevisión and HBO Latin America. In the cinema, he has worked on films like Historias de fútbol by Andrés Wood; Cofralandes by Raúl Ruiz; No by Pablo Larraín and Una mujer fantástica by Sebastian Lelio, winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2018. In 2010, he directed the National Playwriting Exhibition


Directed and adapted by: Néstor Cantillana | Cast: Néstor Cantillana, Gonzalo Muñoz Lerner, Francisco Reyes, Pablo Schwarz, Macarena Teke, Paulina Urrutia, Gabriel Urzúa and Carmen Zabala | Music: Diego González | Sound and mixing: Nicolás Moreno | Producer: Inés Bascuñán | Coproduced by: Colectivo The Braiers and the Teatro a Mil Foundation.

Only available for producers and cultural managers interested in supporting the circulation of this show.

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