Direction Séverine Chavrier
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By William Faulkner | Centre Dramatique National Orléans/Centre – Val de Loire
Directed by Séverine Chavrier
Country Chile | Francia
Discipline Theater
Duration 115 minutes
Recommended for +18
Language Spanish, subtitles in English

The eleventh novel by North American writer William Faulkner - Las palmeras salvajes - describes the irresistible passion between two people with the world against them. Charlotte Rittenmeyer leaves her husband, children and quiet middle-class life when she falls in love with Harry Wilboure, who abandons his medical internship and runs away with her. This unbridled love story set in 1930s North America turns into a kind of hell though and ends sadly for both of them. Renowned French director Séverine Chavrier portrays each of the seasons in Faulkner’s novel in a production that evokes both a road movie and a great tragedy, with condemnation, atonement, curses and redemption. Full of smells, sounds, sighs and silence, this lovers’ journey is a wild and sensual escape with no return.

Premiered in Switzerland in 2014, Séverine Chavrier presents this new version, created especially for Santiago a Mil 2020 and coproduced by the Teatro a Mil Foundation and the Orleans/Centre-Val de Loire National Center for Drama, starring Chilean actors Claudia Cabezas and Nicolás Zárate.


Séverine Chavrier A theater director and outstanding musician, Sevérine Chavrier has been the director of the Orléans/Centre-Val de Loire National Center for Drama (CDN) since 2017. As head of La Sérénade Interrompue, she developed a unique focus for her productions, with theater in dialogue with music, dance, images and literature. Her creations are inspired by all different kinds of stimuli: the performers’ bodies, the sound of a piano or the videos she has made, without forgetting the spoken word, which she models by delving deep into the world of her favorite authors. Her work has been performed at important festivals and and on important stages, for example at the Festival d’Avignon, the Nanterre-Amandiers Theater, the Odeon Theater and the Théâtre de la Bastille.


William Faulkner This North American narrator and poet (Mississippi, 1897-1962) was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1949. He wrote novels, short stories, film scripts, essays and a play. He is most commonly known for his stories set in the fictional county of Yoknapatawpha in Lafayette, Mississippi, where he lived most of his life. Las palmeras salvajes is an exception, since the characters travel around Mississippi and live, work and suffer in real cities, all easily identifiable by their names.


Concept and directed by Séverine Chavrier, based on the adaptation of the novel of the same name by William Faulkner | Cast Claudia Cabezas and Nicolás Zárate | Translation into Spanish Andrea Pelegri Kristié, Milena Grass Kleiner | Assistant Director Louise Sari | Technicaln and Lighting manager Daniela Valenzuela | Sound Marcelo Martínez | Video Marco Martínez | Stage Manager Nicolás Ormazábal | Costume Andrea Bustos | Videos Tercermundo Producciones

Coproduced by Centre Dramatique National Orléans / Centre- Val de Loire, (Francia) y Fundación Teatro a Mil The Orléans/Centre- Val de Loire National Center for Drama (France) and the Teatro a Mil Foundation

With support from Instituto Francés - París (Théâtre Export), Région Centre-Val de Loire (convention Institut Français Région) The French Institute in Paris (Théâtre Export) and the Centre-Val de Loire region (a French Institute regional agreement)

With the collaboration of Centro GAM

Only available for producers and cultural managers interested in supporting the circulation of this show.

Touring team 7
Rooming list 7 singles
Per diem USD $40
Performance fee USD $4.000 Net each
Copyright 13%

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