An intervention by Delight Lab
Country: Chile
Discipline: Light intervention
Duration: 16 minutes
Recommended for: General public

Espíritu del agua is a project that uses a series of water towers to tell stories about what is or was inside them from an ancestral knowledge perspective. The stories have four outlooks - north, center, south and Patagonia – bringing the towers to life and telling us the world view of this vital element, since water is more than a resource, it’s life itself.

Animations are used as visual resources and each story has its own esthetic traits, from figurative to abstract.


Original idea and direction: Andrea Gana y Octavio Gana | Executive producer: Marco Martínez | Script: Galo Ghigliotto | Adapted script to Mapudungun: Joel Maripil | Voice: Joel Maripil | Music and sound effects: Sergio Tito Pérez | Steel drum: Andrea Gana | Trutruka: Octavio Gana | Design and animation: Andrea Gana, Octavio Gana.