Dirección y coreografía José Vidal

By José Vidal & Cía
Country: Chile
Discipline: performance | dance | urban intervention

Emerger is a performance that brings 21 Chilean and 20 foreign performers from countries like Germany, Turkey, Italy, Syria, France, Denmark and Japan to the stage, as well as a group of musicians and visual, vocal and lighting artists. Hundreds of citizens will join them - 80 people from each of the three neighborhoods where it will be put on - who only have to sign up in advance to be part of a dance piece that will take over different areas of the city. Emerger emerged from Emergenz, a piece created by renowned Chilean choreographer José Vidal, which was premiered in Hamburg in 2019 as part of a production by Kampnagel, one of the most important performing arts centers in the world. Given what’s occurring socially and culturally in Chile at the moment, José Vidal decided to transform part of his initial piece and create Emerger, which, in a change from the original, will take to the streets in a move the company has defined as “a call for loving resistance; to take shelter in a sense of community, in profound and questioning group work and in the energy of bodies in movement, in order to emotionally transform and have an impact on our society”.

The aim of Emerger is to provide an opportunity for people from different places to bond and connect in a single place: one that encourages the democratization of the arts and creates a single movement, empowering people through creativity and movement.


José Vidal


Directed by: José Vidal | Musical score, sound designer and live DJ set: Diego Noguera Berger | Assistant directors: Andrés Escobar, Daniella Santibañez | DJ set: Damián Ketterer | Producers: Mayo Rodríguez Baeza, Catalina Avaria Arriagada | Lighting designer and technical manager: Julio Escobar Mellado | Vocal sound designer: Silvia Vivanco | Sound engineer: Enrique Olivares | Creative consultant: Andrea Gana, Octavio Gana (Delightlab) | Press & publicity: Artemisa Cifuentes, Francisca Maturana | Community Manager: Darío Oyarzún | Photographs: @cdutrey || Kampnagel Team – Producer: Christine Focken | Curation/Partnerships: Uta Lambetz | Directed by: Amelie Deuflhard || Chilean cast: Andrés Escobar, Alexandra Miller, Alejandro Ferreira, Bruno Torres, Damián Ketterer, Daniela Santibáñez, Marcela Torres, Benjamín Marchant, Tomás Riveros, César Avendaño, César Cisternas, Jesús Briceño, Darío Oyarzun, Francisca Maturana, Yanara Salinas, Ximena Puccio, Raffaela di Girolamo, Catalina Avaria, Mayo Rodríguez, Francisca Concha, Alan Ibáñez, Simón Pascal, Nibaldo Manríquez, Marie Hubert | German cast: Nadja Häussler | Aleksandra Kovacevic-Lando | Amelie Friederike Schulz-Giese | Ann-Leonie Niß | Anna Rosa Lindenborn | Anna Schneider | Elvan Tekin | Emma Hedemann Christensen | Francesca Greta Karoline | Waehnelt | Ida Hørlyck Thomsen | Ioanna Kerasopoulou | Larissa Saskia Potapov | Lena Strützke | Liv Maria Pedersen | Luca Pellegrini | Marie Jasmin Deuflhard | Sophia Lara Otto | Victor Bolzmann | Yumi Kuwabara | Zuréh Jaramillo Rima. A Teatro a Mil Foundation and José Vidal Cía. coproduction