By Teatro y su Doble
Directed by Aline Kuppenheim
Country: Chile
Discipline: Puppet theater
Duration: 32 minutes
Recommended for: General public

This new play by Teatro y su Doble uses a story by Mexican writer Juan Villoro to talk about issues like solidarity and the team work needed to build democracy. The president has a coat with 24 pockets that he never takes off, even when it’s hot. Not even his closest advisors know about the secret he keeps in one of these pockets: a little hamster called Genaro III, who can be either cute or fickle and grumpy. The head of state has appointed this hamster as his private secretary because he helps him make decisions and keeps him awake during long, boring meetings.

When the president decides to ban candy in the country, a smart little boy called Ruy decides to take part in the protests that occur. He finds out all about the hamster and the news hits the headlines. What happens afterwards will change both his life and that of his family, as well as the destiny of the country.


Written by: Juan Villoro | Company: Teatro y su Doble | Cast: Aline Kuppenheim, Loreto Moya, Catalina Bize, Ricardo Parraguez, Camila Cuesta | Director, general designer and audiovisual producer: Aline Kuppenheim | Coproduced by: the Teatro a Mil Foundation.