Direction Lola Arias

Text and direction Lola Arias with the collaboration of the artistic team and the actors
Discipline Theater
Duration 1h 50 min.
Recommended for +14
Language Spanish, subtitles in English
Venue Theatre (100 to 800 spectators)

In The year I was born , ten Chilean performers born during the dictatorship reconstruct their parent’s youth from photos, letters, tapes, used clothes, stories, dim memories. Who were my parents when was I born? What was Chile like before I learned to speak? How many versions are there about what happened before I existed or when I was so young that I can’t remember?

Each performer reconstructs scenes from the past in order to understand something for their future. The year I was born operates around the borders of reality and fiction, the encounter of two generations, the intersection of national history and private stories.

The year I was born is based on the same concept of Mi vida después , a play based on the biography of performers born during the Argentinean dictatorship, written and directed also by Lola Arias.


Lola Arias


Text and direction Lola Arias with the collaboration of the artistic team and the actors Artistic assistant, investigation and production Paula Bravo Audiovisual direction Nicole Senerman Sound edition and graphic collaboration Jorge Rivero Original music and sound design Ulises Conti with the collaboration of Alejandro Gómez Scenography and lightning Rocío Hernández Stage musician Alejandro Gómez Choreography Soledad Gaspar Cast Alexandra Benado, Leopoldo Courbis, Ítalo Gallardo, Soledad Gaspar, Alejandro Gómez Sepúlveda, Fernanda González, Viviana Hernández, Ana Laura Racz, Jorge Rivero, Nicole Senerman

Only available for producers and cultural managers interested in supporting the circulation of this show.

Touring Team 16 people
Rooming list 6 single and 5 double
Author Royalties 13% of the box office. ATN is the agency in charge of collecting the author royalties in Chile. Argentores in Argentina

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