By Lluïsa Cunillé
Directed by Alejandro Castillo
Country: Chile
Discipline: Radio theater
Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended for: General public

A man and a woman are in a hotel room in Kinshasa. He (Alejandro Castillo) is a European businessman who works for a South African company that mines and sells coltan (an essential mineral used in all today’s technology and which has caused the bloodiest wars, normally covered up by blaming warring tribes). She (Katty Kowaleczko) is also a European and has been living in the country for years working as an interpreter. On this occasion, she also gives a voice to a third (never seen) character, who’s fighting to save her son from a terrible fate, whatever the cost.

Written by Catalan playwright Lluïsa Cunillé, Después de mí, el diluvio is a story about inequality and the pressing need to really see those who are invisible and not even taken into consideration. We live side-by-side with them, but their lives are predisposed towards exploitation and poverty. It’s most definitely a play about a lack of conscience.


Written by: Lluïsa Cunillé | Directed by: Alejandro Castillo | Cast: Katty Kowaleczko and Alejandro Castillo | Narrators: Aline Kuppenheim and Braulio Martínez | In person set, costume and lighting designers: Alejandro Castillo and Jorge ‘Chino’ González | Producer: Loreto Moya | Graphics: Eduardo Cerón | Photographs: FatMedia | Recording studio: Animal de Radio.