Compañía Circa Contemporary Circus

Country: Australia
Discipline: Circo | Performance | Intervención urbana
Recommended for: General public

Cube Studies is a series of pieces in which Australian company Circa Contemporary Circus and internationally renowned design company Urban Art Projects (UAP) join forces in a spectacular creation that combines visual arts and live performance. Each version of Cube Studies is made to measure for the place where it’s performed and is completely unique to it.


Circa Contemporary Circus


By: Circa y Urban Art Projects | Created and directed by: Yaron Lifschtz | Design: Daniel Tobin | Coreografía: Elise May | Director's assistant: Francisco Arrazola | Performers: Leopoldo Fuentes, Cristóbal Sandoval, Tamara Ortiz, José Pablo Osorio, Boris Cepeda, Joaquín Carmona, Javier Palominos, Vanessa Hernández, Nicole Baeza, Katherine Cid, Rebeca Portillo, María Jesús Calderón.