Directed by Mariana Muñoz
A musical theater songbook based on the text by Juan Radrigán
Country: Chile
Discipline: Radio theater | Musical theater songbook

Borrachos de luna is an audio adaptation of the text of the same name by Chilean playwright Juan Radrigán. In this case, it’s a musical theater songbook for radio theater that rethinks the crossover between theater and music. The listeners are treated to a repertoire that combines both the spoken word and singing on a single playlist.

Borrachos de luna takes place at night in an empty city whose silence is shattered by the sound of planes and helicopters crossing the sky over and over again, dropping leaflets announcing that it’s forbidden for people to meet up. As a result, clandestine meetings occur in confinement behind four walls, like that of José, a record player repair man and María, a woman who opens the doors of her small house every evening to make money from showing off her body. As a result of several attempts to get a broken device to work and play music from old records, these characters get to know each other and have a sad conversation about love. It’s an exchange of words and feelings that’s interrupted by the arrival of an out-of-towner bringing news. Drunk on the moonlight, these three souls pass their time singing, waiting for the start of a show that may never happen.

This piece converts Juan Radrigán’s work into an collection of boleros, tangos and other nostalgic tunes to be listened, danced, sung or cried to under the glittering moon behind closed doors.


Adapted for theater and directed by: Mariana Muñoz | Cast: Claudia Cabezas, Mario Avillo and an as yet unnamed actor | Musical score: Mario Avillo and TBC | Recording and sound mixing: TBC. A Teatro a Mil Foundation coproduction.