Dirección Álvaro Díaz y Pedro Peirano
El programa 31 Minutos

Country: Chile
Discipline: Puppets
Duration: 50 minutes
Recommended for: General public
Language: Spanish

Juan Carlos Bodoque plays Miguel de Cervantes, Tulio Triviño plays Don Quixote, Juanin Juan Harry plays Sancho, Patana plays Pantonia (the nobleman’s daughter) and Policarpo plays the innkeeper. The cast of the acclaimed children’s program 31 Minutos turns Cervantes’ play into a theatrical parody for both children and adults, retaining both the story’s essentials and some of its most innovative aspects. For example, the author is a character in the play and the book exists in the novel itself.

The puppet version of this literary classic is loyal to the original text, maintaining entire dialogues from the novel as a way of highlighting how relevant it still is. It also highlights topics like fantasy - the much-needed craziness or eccentricity that helps us get through the day and inspires us to go after our dreams, in spite of the difficulties we encounter. Friendship and love are also mentioned - things that are worth defending tooth and nail - as well as humor as a defense against perfectionism.


Álvaro Díaz y Pedro Peirano This creative duo has turned out multiple projects, including the TV programs Plan Z, El factor humano and 31 Minutos; the feature film 31 Minutos, la película (2008) and the documentary Los dibujos de Bruno Kulczewski (2004). Álvaro Díaz has also directed the series Miratú, Las vacaciones de Tulio and ...


31 Minutos 31 Minutos is a children’s show starring puppets that was created by the Aplaplac production company. It started as a parody of a news show and was a milestone in Chile’s production of children’s programs, a huge success for all of the four seasons it aired. Its albums were also ...


Directors: Álvaro Díaz and Pedro Peirano | Executive producer: Alejandra Neumann | Musicians: Pablo Ilabaca and Camilo Salinas | Performers: Alejandra Dueñas, Patricio Díaz, Daniel Castro | Puppeteers: Felipe Godoy, Guillermo Silva, Adolfo Sáez | Assistant director: Francisco Schultz | Technical manager: Luis Reinoso | Puppet art director: Sebastián Ríos | Setting: Marcelo Gacitúa | Production and administration: Poli de Valle | Graphic designer: Andrés Sanhueza | Collages: Mauricio Garrido | Coproduced by: Teatro a Mil Foundation


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