Direction Paula González Seguel
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Discipline Theater
Duration 1 hour 15 minutes
Recommended for +15
Language Spanish

Carmen suffers her son’s imprisonment as a result of his opposition and that of the rest of his family and community to police repression. The public witnesses the story inside an actual ruka (a Mapuche dwelling), specially installed inside the GAM Cultural Center as an architectural, aesthetic and political testament to the Mapuche people’s way of viewing the world. “The script is inspired by actual episodes of violence that have occurred in Mapuche communities in the Araucania region and the ‘disappearance of a child’, based on the scene from Fear and Misery of the Third Reich by Bertolt Brecht”, explains David Arancibia, the play’s author.

Ñuke was written by Arancibia during the first Playwriting Workshop run by the Royal Court Theater of London in Chile. Directing it is Paula González Seguel, who has been gathering testimonies from and working with Mapuche women and their families since 2009 to create plays such as Ñi Pu Tremen - Mis antepasados, which received the Apes award for Best Play in 2009.


Paula González Seguel


David Arancibia


Direction and Documental Dramarturgy Paula González Seguel | Playwright David Arancibia Urzúa | Company KIMVN Teatro | Cast Viviana Herrera Martínez, Claudio Riveros Arellano, Elsa Quinchaleo Avendaño, Francisca Maldonado Herrera, Karime Letnic Vallejos, Fabián Kurinaw Astudillo, Jesús Jorquera Aguilera | Director Assistant María Valenzuela Maibee | Set Design Danilo Espinoza Guerra | Scenography and Illumination design Natalia Morales Tapia | Scenography Patricio Muñoz | Costume Karime Letnic Vallejos | Musical composition Evelyn González Seguel | Sound José Alva Seguel | Musicians Sergio Ávila Durán, William García Hernández, Benjamín Espinoza González, Evelyn González Seguel | Production and media Francisca Babul Guixé

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Touring Team 17 people
Rooming list 8 doubles, 1 single
Author Royalties 10% of the box office per autor royalties. ATN is the agency in charge of collecting author royalties

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