Proyecto: ¿Dónde está el teatro en este presente distópico? - Se está quemando todo

By La Otra Zapatilla Theater Co. | Written and directed by Carolina Henríquez

  • Spanish
  • 10 minutes
  • + 12 years

An audiovisual piece that honors the women who have paved the way for theater in Chile.

This piece aims to honor those who came before us, highlighting a story that existed before memory ate away at some of its parts. We want to ask burning questions. What do we lose when theater distances itself? What do we hang on to and why do we keep doing it? What do we lose when there is no longer theater? What are we left with? What do we remember? This is an invitation to remember those who came before us in the performing arts. We are where we are today thanks to their work and history,

Se está quemando todo is one of seven creations that make up the project ¿Dónde está el teatro en este presente distópico?, a research project carried out by La Otra Zapatilla, a group from Concepción who, for six months, explored different styles, esthetics and concerns in order to create something artistic during the challenging times of a pandemic and instability in the artistic world.

Cast and crew

Written and created by: Carolina Henríquez | Editing consultant: Juan Ríos Molina | Script consultant: Leyla Selman | Sound: Oscar Oviedo | Produced by: La Otra Zapatilla Theater Co., Orly Pradenas.

©Carolina Henríquez

Carolina Henríquez

Director and playwright

On the stage, plus teaching and cultural management

This actress and performing arts director is from the city of Concepción. She is a founding member of the La Otra Zapatilla theater group, which has been working in the Biobío region for more than 13 years. She has worked as an actress, playwright, director, consultant and teacher. As a director, her work in A lo mejor ahora está lloviendo, Querido John, Take a chance on me and The Tank Man stands out, the latter two in the framework of the Chilean Theater Event. As an actress, she has performed in the plays La consagración de la pobreza, Louta, Memorias de la Concepción and El Ganso.

La Otra Zapatilla Teatro

The company

Stories with social content

This group was formed in 2007 in the city of Concepción, Chile and focuses on creations using concepts such as identity and stories with a social content, mainly championing the work of local writers. To date, they have premiered more than 30 shows in different formats and have worked as consultants for several different creative, touring and training projects, collaborating with different cultural entities. The group has become an important cultural and artistic reference point in their area.

-It is an invitation to reflect on the importance of art and, in this case, theater in people’s lives, based on an event that paralyzed the whole world - the pandemic – and that made us reassess how important culture is to society’s evolution. The members of La Otra Zapatilla ask questions about why they make theater and why they keep doing so in spite of the circumstances. They invite the audience to ask themselves the same thing regarding their relationship with art.

-It specifically highlights the importance of the work of the women who have made Chilean theater history: those who came before us and paved the way in a world that, similar to other areas, was mainly developed by men.

-Check out La Otra Zapatilla’s YouTube channel to find out more about their work.



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