By Colectiva Mutágena | Directed by Daniela Villanueva and Elías Araya

  • Spanish
  • 32 minutes
  • +7 years

Two beings without any cultural heritage interact with each other, in mimesis, mutating. 

MUTAGENA: (Biology). A physical, chemical, or [and] biological agent that alters or changes [re-evolves] the genetic [vibrational] information of a (living) organism to adapt (resist/permeate).

The videodance piece MUTÁGENA presents two entities that have no cultural heritage; they are blank canvases that escape from hegemonic boxes, interacting with each other, in mimesis, mutating. Human beings have memories; in MUTÁGENA, this means accumulating fibers. What makes them move? They are "talking bodies", composed of receptor fibers that signify experiences, through a cycle of incorporation of what they observe and experience as a "digestive metabolism": mimesis, assimilation and mutation. Impulses and alterations that become movement, mutating into corporeal vestiges in each interaction with the environment. 

Cast and crew

Artistic Direction: Daniela Villanueva Tolosa | Original Idea: Daniela Villanueva Tolosa and Elías Araya Oyanedel | Performers/Creators: Daniela Villanueva Tolosa and Elías Araya Oyanedel | Costume Design: Colectiva Mutágena/Lían Gallano Vásquez | Sound Design: Daniela Villanueva Tolosa | Sounds: Drlee - Lukax Santana | Camera: Bárbara Trejo Cruz and Felipe Díaz Galarce | Technique and Lighting: Andrés Pérez Rojas | Audiovisual Editing: Daniela Villanueva Tolosa | Post Production Colorization: Felipe Díaz Galarce

(c) Elías Araya

Daniela Villanueva Tolosa


Creation, teaching and research with an interdisciplinary look

Daniela is trained in visual arts and dance pedagogy. She has participated in different pieces and projects related to contemporary dance with national and international choreographers, mainly in the cities of Valparaíso and Santiago. She has also performed in different theaters inside and outside the country, in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and China through residencies, seminars, creations and teaching. In 2012, she premiered the solo choreographic performance Fisura o Filamento. Since 2014, Daniela is part of the artistic collective Mundomoebio. She is currently studying BMC (Body Mind Centering) in Buenos Aires and develops projects related to creation, teaching and research from an interdisciplinary perspective.

(c) Daniela Villanueva

Elías Araya Oyanedel


Dance in the public space and a focus on dissidences

Elías received independent training in dance and pedagogy, in addition to training processes abroad, such as Bolivia, Australia, Spain and Switzerland. He has focused on contemporary dance in the areas of improvisation, performance and elements of scenic composition. He has been invited to work with creators in the Valparaíso region, being part of interventions and scenic plays in conventional and non-conventional spaces. Since 2019, Elías has transited through the exploration of the space/street. Later he moved on to an inquiry based on identity and personal history linked to gender dissidence. This is how he gave life to Abelia, a character that manifests itself in the video-performance Panfletaria. He is currently part of the contemporary dance company LIMO and the Amateur Dance and Performance Company.

-Because it is an interesting proposal based on a reality where human identity and gender differentiation completely disappear. Its protagonists are two "twin" beings who merge and feedback on space and sound, in a staging full of symbolism and reflections on the differences that human beings seek to make. 

-Because of its very attractive visual proposal, where costumes play a key aesthetic role. This gives birth to visual twins which transform and disappear, placing themselves at the limits of what is human, creating dialogues with their materiality. 

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