La sirena y la ballena

By Espacio Luz Cocholgüe | Written by Pilar del Canto | Directed by María Isabel Czischke

  • Spanish
  • 10 minutes
  • Todo público

A family friendly story about mermaids, whales and the need to take care of our environment.

An audiovisual staging of a "cantacuento" (sung story) based on the myth of the mermaids of the Cocholgüe cove and the arrival of the whales to the bay of Concepción. Its content addresses the environmental problems of many of the Chilean fishing coves and the loss of human awareness. The scenic proposal constructs dialogues between different artistic disciplines, such as puppet theater, music and plastic arts, in order to raise awareness through a playful and magical language about the need to care for our oceans.

Cast and crew

Written by: Pilar del Canto | General Director: María Isabel Czischke | Script: Ángela Neira | Art Direction: Elina Villibar | Music Director and Composer: Gustavo Sandoval | Audiovisual Director and Editor: David Contreras | Illustrations: Alessandra Merello | Sound Designer: Cristián Reyes | Composers: Ángela Pastrana, Camilo Morales, Cristián Reyes | Cast: Pilar del Canto, María Isabel Czischke, Elina Villibar, Gustavo Sandoval | Producers: Pilar del Canto and María Isabel Czichke

Compañía Espacio Luz

For education through the arts

The Company is made up of professionals dedicated to education, research, promotion and dissemination in the area of the arts, environment and heritage, health and self-care. The group is raised in the fishermen's cove of Cocholgüe, commune of Tomé, in the southern Biobío Region. The focus of its work lies on the investigation of educational models that help to develop competences and socioemotional skills for a good life, in harmony with the natural and social environment. Through in-person and virtual experiences, they develop participatory methodologies based on artistic, territorial and sensorial languages and framed in a unique natural and heritage environment: a living museum that is Cocholgüe.

-Because of its ability to convey a message of environmental awareness in a simple way and through artistic interdisciplines as a means of expression.

-Because it revives ancient mythological stories about the awakening of human consciousness to emphasize its message of environmental care.

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