El terror de vivir en un país como éste

By Carla Zúñiga | Directed by Carla Zúñiga and Manuel Morgado

  • Spanish
  • 36 minutes
  • + 14 years

Three outrageous stories that reveal the cracks in and fears of Chilean society post-dictatorship.

El terror de vivir en un país como este is an exercise in political terror that, through three different stories, questions democracy and what has followed the dictatorship in the midst of the most important political and social process of the last thirty years. ‘Things that happen in the animal corridor’ is about two salesgirls, one of whom is keeping a secret - she has been in a relationship for some time with a man she met on Tinder and who she suspects is the dead dictator Augusto Pinochet. ‘Let us burn in hell until we become ashes’ tells the story of two men in a dream world where they can declare their love for each other openly. In the unforgiving light of the political and economic system they helped create, power reigns on. Lastly, ‘Living cadaver’ features Lucía Hiriat de Pinochet and her nurse. With her suspicions raised, the nurse questions her patient’s survival and forces her to acknowledge her macabre reality.

Cast and crew

Cast: Grimanesa Jiménez, Gabriela Arancibia, David Gaete, Nicolás Venegas | Lighting, sound and costume designer: Manuel Morgado | Produced by: M100, Cecilia Guerra | Musical score and production: Loreto Ríos and Rae del cerro | Performers: Loreto Ríos and Carolina Díaz | Make-up: Franklin Sepúlveda | Wardrobe: Althia Cereceda | Set creation: Nicolás Muñoz | Cameras: César Zúñiga, Franco Barrios | Graphic designer: César Morales | Masks: Olga Tapia

Manuel Morgado


A triple role: directing, teaching and research

This actor graduated from Fernando Cuadra’s Teatro La Casa and has a diploma in Esthetics and Philosophy from the Pontifical Catholic University. In 2016, he carried out a study on certain classical texts, which resulted in the play El malentendido, performed at Matucana 100. He directed Yo también quiero ser un hombre blanco heterosexual in 2018, the dance play Bell Cross in 2019 and Un montón de brujas volando por el cielo and Constelaciones familiares in 2020, all written by Carla Zúñiga. He runs his own center for research and theatrical training called Teatro Escuela.

(c) María Paz Alvarado

Carla Zúñiga

Playwright and director

The theatrical voice of the pandemic

This outstanding actress, playwright and Chilean director has proved to be one of the most important voices of Chilean theater over this last year of the pandemic. She has premiered more than 15 plays, including Yo también quiero ser un hombre blanco heterosexual (winner of the Best Literary Play Award in 2019) and Un montón de brujas volando por el cielo (winner of the Best Script Award from the Critics’ Circle in 2020). Together with director Javier Casanga, she founded her former company, La Niña Horrible.

“A shrewd, caustic piece that makes us reflect and raise a small, bitter smile as we watch it, given its handful of dark truths”.

–Toda la Cultura

On Instagram, @carlipaloma | @teatrodelantagonista


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