We run three residency programs at the most important performing arts institutions in the United States at different times of the year, aimed at artists and theatrical researchers.

New York Theater Workshop

Signed in 2015, this agreement guarantees the participation of a Chilean artist in the summer residency program at Dartmouth College (Hanover, New Hampshire) sometime between August 1-21 each year. NYTW invites artists to a week-long residency, where they work on a project, collaborate with the artistic community at NYTW’s Dartmouth Theater, watch rehearsals by other companies and make presentations about the theater and culture of their country. Applications are welcomed from contemporary theater creators.

In 2015, the Chilean playwright and director Ítalo Gallardo was chosen. In 2016, it was the turn of playwright and director Camila Le-Bert. In 2017, director Ernesto Orellana was chosen and, in 2018, director Ana Luz Ormazábal.

Founded in 1979, New York Theater Workshop is dedicated to ensuring the presence of the artist in our society. This mission is manifested in two equally important focuses of activity: first, through producing an annual season of productions in its theater in Manhattan’s East Village and second, by inviting theater-makers at all stages of their careers to participate in training and residencies, offering the theatrical community a home for cooperation, growth and exploration. Dartmouth College, founded in 1769, offers undergraduate programs in the Liberal Arts and has prestigious post-graduate schools for medicine, engineering and business administration, as well as 19 post-graduate programs in the arts, humanities and sciences.

The Watermill Center

This agreement was signed in December 2015 to include at least one Chilean company per year in the summer, autumn and/or spring residencies at the Watermill Center.

Located in Long Island, New York, the Watermill Center welcomes creators from all over the world, especially those who combine different disciplines and types of art in their work with a view to breaking the boundaries of contemporary culture. The center was founded by renowned North American playwright and theater director, Robert Wilson.

Baryshnikov Arts Center

BAC is the manifestation of artistic director Mikhail Baryshnikov’s long-held vision to build an arts center in the city of New York as a place for artists of all disciplines to come together. In 2016, director Manuela Infante was chosen for this residency, during which she dedicated herself to theatrical research for Estado Vegetal, a project premiered during the Teatro Hoy season. In 2017, the Bonobo Theater Company, directed by Pablo Manzi and Andreína Olivarí, was chosen. The whole company’s team of actors and designers travelled to New York in November to work on their new premiere, Tú amarás. This play was premiered in 2018 and was also part of the latest edition of the Teatro Hoy season.