Direction Pablo Manzi and Andreina Olivari

Discipline Theater
Language Spanish with subtitles in English

A group of Chilean doctors is preparing a presentation for an international conference on humanitarian aid. What does my enemy do to you? How do I make you my enemy? And now you’re my enemy, what do I do with you? These are some of the questions asked when trying to defend dignity, the right that makes us human.

Since their very first production, Bonobo Company has aimed to question and reflect on the democratic society they form part of in Chile. In their previous project, Donde Viven los Bárbaros , they looked to give new significance to the notion of the barbarian in a contemporary context so that they could identify where -in which social groups- violence is currently found in Chilean society today. Using theater, the idea was to expose the audience to the role of the barbarian in a democratic society and show them the new barbarians too.


Pablo Manzi Pablo Manzi is an actor, director and playwright. A large portion of his career has been together with the Bonobo theater company, where he wrote and directed Amansadura, Donde Viven los Bárbaros and Tú Amarás, a play developed during a residency at the Baryshnikov Art Center, in New York. His pieces have participated at different festivals in Chile and around the world. In 2017, the British Council invited him to a residency at the Royal Court Theatre, in London.Andreina Olivari is an actor, director of Bonobo, and also a teacher, with a degree in Spanish Language and Literature from Universidad de Chile. She has performed with different groups and for diverse directors in Chile. As part of the company, she acted in Amansadura, and has directed Donde Viven los Bárbaros and Tú Amarás. The pieces she has directed have shown and received accolades at multiple festivals, such as the Cadiz Festival (Spain), the ¡Adelante! Festival (Germany), Temporada Alta (Peru), Santiago a Mil (Chile), and others. This year, she has been invited to participate as a speaker at the Holland Festival Parels.


Andreina Olivari Andreina Olivari es actriz, directora del grupo Bonobo y docente. Licenciada en Lengua y Literatura Hispánica en la Universidad de Chile. En sus trabajos como actriz ha participado con distintos grupos y directores de Chile. Dentro de la compañía ha trabajado como actriz en Amansadura, y como directora en Donde viven los bárbaros y Tú Amarás. Las obras que ha dirigido han sido premiadas en distintas instancias e invitadas a participar en distintos festivales como Festival de Cadiz (España), Festival Adelante (Alemania), Temporada Alta (Lima), Santiago a Mil, entre otros. Este año ha sido invitada a participar como expositora en el Holland Festival Parels.


Direction Andreina Olivari y Pablo Manzi | By Pablo Manzi | Cast Paulina Giglio, Gabriel Urzúa, Franco Toledo, Carlos Donoso, Gabriel Cañas | Design Felipe Olivares, Juan Andrés Rivera | Produced by Katy Cabezas

Only available for producers and cultural managers interested in supporting the circulation of this show.

Touring team 11 people
Rooming list 3 singles, 4 doubles
Author Royalties 11% of the box office

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