Direction Teatro La Llave Maestra and Álvaro Morales y Edurne Rankin

By La Llave Maestra
Country: Chile
Discipline: Radio theater
Duration: 42 minutes
Recommended for: General public

Now in radio theater format, L@s niñ@s del Winnipeg, teatro para navegar con ojos cerrados recreates a harsh journey of exile through the eyes of four children, who take us through their stories and views on the tragic reality of war, pain and finding new hope. Mario tells us of his sorrows, Angelines tries to understand the world, Montse looks to the sky and asks be reunited with her father and Juan is scared to get on the boat.

Created by the La Llave Maestra, this play invites us to submerge ourselves in historical memory, paying homage to the children who travelled aboard the Winnipeg, the boat of hope and to all those who made it possible for more than 2,500 survivors of the Spanish Civil War to arrive in Chile in 1939.


Teatro La Llave Maestra Created in 2010, this Spanish-Chilean group has become a role model for visual and object theater in Chile, thanks to its special theatrical style combining gestures, masks, illusions, dance, music and light to create highly powerful visual performances. Ingenuity and imagination have been the driving forces behind their five shows: Pareidolia, Nómadas, L@s niñ@s del Winnipeg (now in radio theater format), Delirios de papel and Bestiario, performed in Spain, Turkey, Holland, Bosnia, Belgium, Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Bolivia, the United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Chile.


Álvaro Morales y Edurne Rankin Álvaro —chileno— y Edurne —española— trabajan juntos desde 2006, tanto en la creación y dirección artística como en la docencia y producción. Han creado doce espectáculos, tanto en Chile como en España, donde trabajaron entre 2009 y 2013. En 2010 fundaron La Llave Maestra, agrupación con la que han desarrollado cinco obras. Paralelamente, han dirigido montajes para otras compañías de teatro, circo y danza, y han dictado talleres, seminarios y masterclass en Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Perú, Costa Rica, Cuba, Estados Unidos, Francia, España y Taiwán.


Written by: Edurne Rankin García | Directed by: Edurne Rankin and Álvaro Morales | Cast: Edurne Rankin | Music: Gorka Pastor | Guitar in ‘Violeta Parra Mix’: Simón González | Sound and mixing: Cristóbal Carvajal | Photography: Álvaro Morales | Produced by: La Llave Maestra | Coproduced by: the Teatro a Mil Foundation.

Only available for producers and cultural managers interested in supporting the circulation of this show.

Andrés García