Dramaturgia Guillermo Calderón

Country: Chile
Discipline: Theater
Recommended for: +12
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

The Dragón group meets up once in a while at a restaurant on the Plaza Italia to decide upon and plan their next artistic installation. This time though, they’ve chosen such a complex topic that they’re embroiled in something terrible that's in the process of destroying them. The only way out is to create a new play, to build up trust again. It’s too late for them though. The only way out is a creation based on betrayal.

The latest production by renowned playwright and director Guillermo Calderón is a Teatro a Mil Foundation and Teatro UC coproduction.


Guillermo Calderón Playwright and director who has written and directed Neva, Diciembre, Clase, Villa, Discurso, Escuela and recently Mateluna in Chile. His productions have been performed in more than 25 countries and he was asked to premiere the plays Beben and Kussen at the Dusseldorf theater, as well as being invited to ...


Written and directed by: Guillermo Calderón | Cast: Luis Cerda, Camila González y Francisca Lewin | Assistant director: Ximena Sanchez | Set and Lighting Design: Rocío Hernández | Produced by: María Paz González


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