By Colectivo The Braiers
Directed by Heidrun Breier
Written by Falk Richter
Discipline: Radio theater
Duration: 5 chapters lasting between 9 and 17 minutes each
Recommended for: +16

Delirio is a contemporary German piece that looks into modern relationships. With both humor and irony, author Falk Richter discusses the pursuit of happiness, personal fulfillment and love in a twenty-first century multimedia society. This theater adaptation by Colectivo The Braiers conveys a couple’s conflicts through different layers of sound.

Can the clandestine nostalgia of freedom and loss of control only be summed up by a torrent of consumerism, by work or by the stock market? Have our hard-earned autonomy and individual self-responsibility turned into a curse?


Written by: Falk Richter | Translated by: Margit Schmohl | Directed and adapted by: Heidrun Breier | Cast: Néstor Cantillana, Macarena Teke, Gonzalo Muñoz Lerner, Pablo Schwarz, América Navarro García, Gabriel Muñoz Breier | Music: Diego González | Sound and mixing: Nicolás Moreno | Producer: Inés Bascuñán | Coproduced by: Colectivo The Braiers, the Teatro a Mil Foundation, the Goethe Institute, the Ovalle Municipal Theater, Emisor Podcasting.