Direction Juan Pablo Peragallo
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Written by: Manuela Infante
Directed by:
Juan Pablo Peragallo
Discipline: Theater
Duration: 55 min.
Recommended for: +7
Language: Spanish and sign language

When Violeta Parra was a child, a whole town caught smallpox from her. This true story inspired Ayudándole a sentir , a play that imagines a period of the artist’s life that so little is known about: her childhood. In an entertaining and contemporary production for audiences of all ages, this play explores Violeta’s childhood, including her everyday life with her family, her interest in music and how she experienced death at an early age.

The story goes that, after the Parras arrived in Lautaro, a doctor diagnosed Violeta with a strange illness and recommended she stay silent so as not to infect her family. Without being able to talk, Violeta started using gestures to communicate, although the virus inevitably spread through the whole village. In her feverish state and half-awake, half-dreaming, Violeta journeyed through the town and its pain, discovering divine songs and popular poets.

Using songs and poems, shadows, overhead projections and playing with paint, the show is an experience in which music and the visual arts merge to create a common language. Numerous visual stimuli and the use of sign language turn this piece, written by Manuela Infante and directed by Juan Pablo Peragallo, into something unique and inclusive.


Juan Pablo Peragallo


Manuela Infante



Only available for producers and cultural managers interested in supporting the circulation of this show.

Touring team: 15 people
Rooming list: 2 singles, 5 doubles y 1 triple
Author Royalties: 13% of the box office

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