Direction Martín Erazo
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Country Chile
Discipline Theater
Duration 75 minutes
Recommended for +14
Language Spanish

An anarchist-feminist fighter, Ana, travels through time to try and change her present by getting rid of nine influential, conservative and powerful characters who have shaped Chile’s history, including Pedro de Valdivia, Julius Popper, Diego Portales and Augusto Pinochet. Using both actors and puppets, video projections and an energetic live band on stage, Chilean group La Patogallina - together with playwright Carla Zúñiga - create a multimedia show of science fiction and political terror, inspired by retrofuturistic films and comics. An epic and outrageous universe reflects the cyclical nature of history and reveals the powers that have controlled the country’s destiny from the shadows.

Defined by La Patogallina as the most political of its shows, 2118, Tragedia futurista - coproduced by the Teatro a Mil Foundation and Matucana 100 and with financing from a National Cultural and Artistic Development Grant (Fondart) - is an attempt to imagine what would happen if the course of Chile’s history was changed.


Martín Erazo Born in 1974, this theater director, actor and singer with the La Patogallina Saunmachin and La cumbia de Patricio Cobarde bands was nominated for an Altazor Award for the play El húsar de la muerte, which has toured Europe, Latin America and India. He directed the Guerrero invisible documentary, shown at the Guadalajara International Film Festival. He is cofounder and codirector of the street intervention company Teatro del Sonido and codirector of the Chilean Street Theater Festival, FITKA.


Carla Zúñiga Having studied playwriting under Juan Radrigán, Carla Zúñiga (Chile, 1986) is an actress, director, playwright, teacher and cofounder of the La Niña Horrible company. She has taken part in the Royal Court Theater workshops in Latin America, run by the Teatro a Mil Foundation and institutions in Argentina and Uruguay. More than a dozen of her scripts have been performed, confirming her as one of Chilean theater’s most interesting voices. Her texts make fun of prejudices, social climbing, discrimination and appearances, showing the existence or breakdown of mediocracy in today’s system.


Original idea: Martín Erazo | Dramatic structure and texts: Carla Zúñiga and Martín Erazo | Director: Martín Erazo | Cast: Sandra Figueroa, Pilar Salinas, Victoria González, Laura Maldonado, Antonio Sepúlveda, Cael Orrego, Matías Burgos, Rodrigo Rojas, Eduardo Moya and Juan Fierino | Musicians: Alejandra Muñoz, Emilio Miranda, Jaime Molina | Musical director: Alejandra Muñoz | Set designer: Pablo de la Fuente | Set construction and props: Taller Patogallina | Lighting designer: Martín Erazo | Costume designer: Antonio Sepúlveda | Puppet and mask designers and creators: Tomás O’Ryan and La Patogallina | Dance choreography: Christian Farías | Videos: Francisco Ramírez | Historical research: La Patogallina | Media: José Arroyo | Graphics: Rodolfo Jofré | Sound engineer: Pablo Riveros | Producer: Lorena Ojeda | Coproduced by: the Teatro a Mil Foundation and Matucana 100 | Project financed by a 2018 National Cultural and Artistic Development Grant (Fondart).

Only available for producers and cultural managers interested in supporting the circulation of this show.

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