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Nuttin but a word

By Rennie Harris Puremovement | Directed by Rennie Harris

United States

  • 60 minutos
  • Todo público

An extraordinary urban dance piece that looks at the history of hip hop through the eyes of one of its main figures.

Mixing contemporary dance, hip hop, and other urban dance styles, renowned North American choreographer Rennie Harris - regarded as a hip hop institution in his country - creates an impressive and heartfelt choreography with his company Puremovement, taking a look at the roots and evolution of this street culture. This show is called Nuttin’ but a word because what happens on stage belongs to the universal language of dance. You can enjoy this show even if you have no knowledge of hip hop, as it will leave you quite literally speechless - lacking words - with the performers’ skill, as well as a type of music that has become a universal anthem.

Both Harris and his company have won several different awards, including the Alvin Ailey Black Choreographer Award, the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Doris Duke Arts Award, and the Dance Magazine Legend Award. Harris is known for creating cool and surprising pieces, rooted in his profound knowledge of the genre and academic education, all helping bring back many of the existing styles of hip hop.

Cast and crew

Directed by: Rennie Harris | Performers: Joshua Culbreath, Phillip Cuttino, Katia Cruz, Mai Le Ho Johnson, Tatiana Desourdin, Yuko Tanaka, Emily Pietruszka | Company manager: Rodney Hill.

Rennie Harris

Choreographer and director

A hip hop institution in the United States

Lorenzo ‘Rennie’ Harris was born and grew up in an Afro-American community in north Philadelphia. In 1992, he founded Rennie Harris Puremovement, a hip hop dance company dedicated to preserving and publicizing this culture. Named one of the most influential people in Philadelphia’s history over the last hundred years, Harris has received multiple awards and is considered one of the most outstanding choreographers in the United States and a hip hop institution both in his country and worldwide.

-It is a captivating piece of dance, with the seven dancers on the stage conveying to the audience the heart and soul of hip hop culture, born in the United States but followed by thousands of people worldwide. The play has multiple highlights, including improvisation and house, hip hop and breakdance steps, which is why you do not need to be an expert to understand and enjoy what is happening on stage.

-Rennie Harris is an internationally acclaimed hip hop legend in the United States whose body of work has toured worldwide. The prestigious North American publication The New Yorker said that, "Harris is the most respected and the most brilliant hip hop choreographer in America”.

Hip hop: As described by the Baumfest website (Barcelona’s Art and Urban Movement Festival), hip hop is the name given to the different artistic cultures that emerged in the seventies on the streets of the Bronx in New York as a response to the oppression of citizens of mainly African origin. This subculture is normally made up of four elements: graffiti, the use of turn tables (or mixing music on turntables), rap and breakdancing.

-Find out more about the work of Rennie Harris and Puremovement in the interview and video sections of the company’s official website.


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Este espectáculo ya se realizó.