El suceder de un paisaje

Collective creation by Rocío Celeste, Christian Rodríguez, Marcela Burgos, Camila Álamos, Diego Medina and Camila Infante

  • Spanish
  • 45 minutes
  • + 14 years

El Suceder de un Paisaje is a scenic investigation by six artists focusing on the landscape of Ñuble. It questions current perceptions that are held about its geographical dimension, and observing this territory from a poetic, ideological, aesthetic and social point of view.

The play takes some selected landmarks from the mountain range to the coast, such as the Chillán volcano, the Lobería de Cobquecura (a rock occupied by thousands of sea lions) and the Chacal de Nahueltoro (a famous murderer in local history), analyzing the footprint and identity that these landmarks evoke today. The creators of El Suceder de un Paisaje invite the audience to reread these "landmark-landscapes" and bring them to the stage from a more pluralistic and updated point of view, trying to leave behind the romantic vision that they arouse.

Dance, theater, visual arts, music and projections conform a staging that happens and transits the landscape of Ñuble by means of an aesthetic reflection.

Cast and crew

Collective Creation by Rocío Celeste, Christian Rodríguez, Marcela Burgos, Camila Álamos, Diego Medina and Camila Infante | Co-Direction: Rocío Celeste and Marcela Burgos | Interpretation: Camila Infante and Marcela Burgos | Visual Arts and Scenography: Christian Rodríguez | Visuals: Camila Álamos | Musician: Diego Medina

Rocío Celeste


Rocío Celeste holds a BA in Arts (Dance) from the Universidad de Chile, as well as postgraduate degrees in Cultural Management and Artistic Mediation from the same university. Since 2010 she has developed her own research project, Danza La Independiente creation and pedagogy. She resides in the Ñuble region since 2015, where she works as the Regional Agent of the Red Nacional Danza Sur, among others. As a creator, her works Sólido, En Tacto and Acción de Recordar stand out. She is currently working on her project “Raíz”, a program that generates spaces for professional dance in Ñuble.

Marcela Burgos


Marcela Burgos is an actress graduated from the Universidad Finis Terrae. Her training includes animation theater with the company Viaje Inmóvil and visual theater and dance with Elías Cohen. Simultaneously, she has nurtured her career as a performing artist with complementary disciplines such as contemporary dance, performance and Kalaripayattu. Since 2018 she is part of the company La Llave Maestra. In addition, Marcela is the creator of Juana Coraje, a laboratory company that investigates visual theater and performance through scenic action.

Christian Rodríguez


Christian Rodríguez holds a degree in Arts from Universidad de Concepción. He is also a teaching artist at the Escuela Artística Claudio Arrau León in Chillán and directs its printmaking workshop. Furthermore, he works as a printmaking artist for the international collective Grabadomaquia, and is member of the Biobío Printmakers’ Association, among others.

Camila Álamos


Camila Álamos is a graphic designer and visual communicator from Universidad del Bío-Bío who currently works as a digital-oriented visual artist. She specializes in programming language by nodes, interactive visuals and 360-visuals. She has made artistic interventions with the company Activismo y Arte Escénico. In addition, Camila has participated in different activities using mapping, such as the Earthquake Commemoration in Chillán, in 2019.

Camila Infante


Camila Infante holds a degree in Psychology and is a dance therapist. From 2016 to 2019 she formed part of the dance company Afrika Foli, dedicating her time to the study of percussion, drums and instruments of African origin. In 2019 she participated in the dance training program “Raíz” in the district of Ñuble where she presented the work Un Día Sin Ayer, directed by the choreographer and dancer Joel Inzunza. In 2020 she completed the second stage of this training.

Diego Medina


Diego Medina is a multi-instrumentalist musician, playing guitar and electric bass, and producer. He studied music and sound at the UNIACC university. He has worked with different artists such as Denisse Malebrán, Saiko, Charly Benavente, Madre Selva, Francisco Salas, Solo Silva, Mati Santos and Fernando Reyes, among others. He is currently active as a session musician and music producer, working with various artists on plays and audiovisual projects.

- Because the work proposes a less romantic and more current reinterpretation of the geographical and historical landscape.

- Because the main attribute of this creation is the multiplicity of the languages ​​that intersect, building the experience of touring the landscape of Ñuble

-Because it is an invitation to get to know the identity of the Ñuble area from a new perspective.

-Visit the work of Rocío Celeste, Camila Álamos and Diego Medina -three of the creators- in the following links:






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