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El cuerpo y el entorno emocional

By Cía Proyecto Experimental | Directed by Mauro Barahona


  • Spanish
  • 35 minutes

In the context of a pandemic, this piece portrays the relationship between the body, instinct and freedom.

Each individual’s body, their cities of origin, and their current context make up the research focus of El cuerpo y el entorno emocional. It is an experimental video that observes the importance of human feeling both individually and collectively in a tumultuous environment; a set of bodies that are excited to find their way within most difficult circumstances due to the deprivation of freedom during the pandemic. The emotional body indicates that the way forward is to listen to its primitive instinct, to listen to others in echo and to protect oneself from an obsolete system. This research proposes to rescue the emotional instinct as a quality that constitutes us and that will allow us to "dance listening to the emotional body in order to save ourselves from barbarism."

Created by choreographers Mauro Barahona and Rodrigo Chaverini, together with visual artist Paulo Fernández and musician Rafael Velásquez Ross, the show incorporates 26 national performers on stage.

Cast and crew

Direction: Mauro Barahona | Research: Mauro Barahona and Rodrigo Chaverini | Research Choreographer: Rodrigo Chaverini | Visual Creator: Paulo Fernández | Original Music: Rafael Velásquez Ross | Production: Cristina Concha | Artistic Collaborators: Héctor Medina, Vania Pascualetti, Sebastián Mieres, Francisca Wastavino, Javier Calderón, Eduardo Zúñiga, Paulina Vera, Alondra Zúñiga, Daniel Arce, Waldo Hei, Trude Flem, José Ignacio Novoa, Kailin Badal, Catalina Herrera, Marcel Torres, Pablo Morales, Nicolás Vergara, Matías Acuña, Mauricio Pizarro, Sol Dugatkin, Francisco Peña, Camila Enríquez, Diego Órdenes, Juan Mauna, Paula Olmedo, María Paz Navarros.

Mauro Barahona y la Compañía Proyecto Experimental:


The Engine Behind Dance, Art and Photography Projects

The company Proyecto Experimental was born in 1999. Its first experimental video-dance was M.O.C, financed through national funds. Since then, its 22 creations have been created based on multidisciplinary projects involving dancers, visual artists and photographers. Directed by Mauro Barahona, each piece seeks to portray social environments that contribute to the community, with science fiction as the main content of its choreographic dramaturgy. Currently, the company's method focuses on creative residencies in different cities. National and local artists are invited to participate in annual projects proposed by the director.

-Because the play is a product of the pandemic, created in times of crisis. It allows us to reflect on the implications of confinement, the restriction of movement and uncertainty. "Creators, guest artists and local dancers faced many difficulties (...) This activated us in such a way that made us enter into a loop of creation through our emotions and environment, in this case, an unprecedented crisis," says director Mauro Barahona.

-Because, in the words of Mauro Barahona, it is an opportunity to inquire into the different ways in which the corporeality of emotions transmits a language that is present but hidden to many: the notion of "thinking with the body".

Videodance: A genre that arises from the experimentation between dance and image capture techniques. It dates back to the emergence of video art and the beginnings of cinema. It should be emphasized that these are not video recordings of a dance, but rather dance and camera establishing a symbiotic relationship. In such productions, the creation of the choreography typically exists only on film or video. "Neither dance nor the means of manifesting it are at the service of each other, they are rather partners or collaborators in the creation of a hybrid form," states Douglas Rosemberg, US filmmaker and theorist.


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