Blanche Neige (Blancanieves)

By Angelin Preljocaj

  • 110 minutes
  • + 9 años

A new version of the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, which puts any sweetness to one side to reflect on the fear of old age and the cult of the body, all under the eye of French master Angelin Preljocaj.

Far removed from the innocence of the Disney version and more like the dark tale of the Brothers Grimm, Blanche Neige uses 24 dancers to tell the story of Snow White’s misfortunes from the perspective of Angelin Preljocaj, one of the most important French choreographers in contemporary dance today. Based on the oedipal interpretation of psychoanalyst Bruno Bettelheim - as well as on that of Angelin Preljocaj himself - this fairy tale is a bold show that talks of a female body subjugated to narcissism, the fear of aging, the ideals imposed by the beauty industry and the imperative of sexual attraction as represented by the figure of the stepmother. Using nimble choreography, music by Gustav Mahler and costumes designed by Jean Paul Gaultier - including a new version of Madonna’s famous conical bra - Angelin Preljocaj’s version is one of the most daring performances of Snow White ever seen, breaking audience records worldwide.

Cast and crew

Choreographer: Angelin Preljocaj | Costumes: Jean Paul Gaultier | Music: Gustav Mahler | Additional music: 79 D | Stage design: Thierry Leproust | Lighting design: Patrick Riou, assisted by Cécile Giovansili and Sébastien Dué.

(c) JC Carbonne

Angelin Preljocaj

Creator and director

A reference in French dance

Born in France in 1957 to Albanian parents, he initially trained in classical ballet and then switched to modern dance. In 1980, he travelled to New York to work with Zena Rommett and Merce Cunningham and then continued studying in France under choreographers Viola Farber and Quentin Rouillier. In 1984, he founded his own company and choreographed more than 40 shows; he’s also created plays for venues such as the Paris Opera, the Scala in Milan and the New York City Ballet. He’s made both short films and films, as well as collaborating with choreographers on different films, and his work has been awarded several prizes, including the National Award for Dance from the Ministry of Culture. He’s currently director of the Preljocab Ballet at the Pavillion Noir in Aix-en-Provence.

“Preljocaj can choreograph magic”.

–The Guardian

-It focuses on the story itself, leaving the fairy tale to one side to reflect on topics like death, the cult of youth and the constant quest for beauty. All this is reinforced by Thierry Leproust’s disturbing visuals, which emphasize the darkest parts of the tale.

-This ballet is practically a classic by now and has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world since it was premiered in 2009. In Chile, it was performed for the first time at the Municipal Theater in 2017 as part of Santiago a Mil’s international program.

–“We live in a time with a Snow White complex; we all want to look younger”. Take a look at La Tercera’s interview with Angelin Preljocaj about the presentation of his ballet at Santiago a Mil 2017.


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