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    By Teatrocinema • Country Chile • Date Friday, January 20, 10.00h Sala Conferencia 1, Centro GAM

    “It’s action-packed, a high-speed thriller. We’re going on a crazy journey”, warns Zagal. He is referring to Plata quemada, his upcoming work, inspired by the novel of the same name by the Argentine writer, Ricardo Piglia. At breakneck speed, it tells the story of one of the most dramatic events to occur in South America during the seventies: the millions stolen during a bank robbery in San Fernando, Buenos Aires.

    Juan Carlos Zagal is an actor and theater director who trained at the Catholic University’s Theater School. He was one of the founders of the now-disbanded La Troppa company, with whom he put on plays such as Viaje al Centro de la Tierra, Pinocchio, Jesús Betz and Gemelos. In 2005, together with Laura Pizarro –also from La Troppa- he created Teatrocinema, responsible for the Sin Sangre trilogy (winner of the Altazor award in 2008), El Hombre que Daba de Beber a las Mariposas and Historia de Amor, which he directed, wrote, acted in, composed music for and produced.

  • LOS TRABAJOSgerardo
    By Gerardo Naumann • Country Argentina • Date Friday, January 20, 10.50 Sala Conferencia 1, Centro GAM

    “I’ve been mugged several times. Each mugging has stayed in my mind like a short play. In Los Trabajos, I wanted to bring these two worlds together and give a sense of continuity to a motor that has been powering me for a while: using theater forms from outside the academic circle and bringing them to the stage. There’s a willingness to carry on with a movement that is gaining strength in popular culture, to create a hybrid between cultural forms, mix them together and use some of them together with others”, says Gerardo.

    Gerardo Naumann is a director and playwright. He studied Communication Science at the University of Buenos Aires, where he also studied courses in Philosophy and the Arts. He has written and directed plays such as Cosas, Emily, Una obra útil and La función, among others. Together with Nele Wohlatz, he produced and directed Novios del Campo (a short film) and Ricardo Bär (a feature film). His first job as a solo director was El Trabajo Industrial (a short film), which won the INCAA Short Stories competition in 2015.

    By Mariana de Althaus • Country Peru • Date Friday, January 20, 11.45h • Sala B1, Centro GAM

    “Fernando, one of my students, wanted to put on a play telling the story of his father, a man who lost his first family in a plane accident. My challenge was to write and direct it and I had the idea of combining the story with that of Marisol, a friend of mine who lost her partner in another plane accident, thus creating a theater play that is also a testimony. Both were united by their need for a period of mourning that, for different reasons, they had never had”, says Mariana.

    Mariana de Althaus is a director and playwright. She studied Literature at the Pontific Catholic University of Peru and has participated in acting, playwriting and theater direction workshops. She has written and directed eleven theater plays, among them Tres Historias del Mar (2003), Efímero (2008) and Entonces Alicia Cayó (2011). In 2010, she won a Iberescena grant and third prize in the Playwriting Competition at the British Cultural Center for Efímero. In 2010, she received first prize in the same competition for Entonces Alicia Cayó. 

  • UNA TIERRA SALVAJEA performative conference -Ezequiel Menalled & Nahuel Cano
    By Nahuel Cano and Ezequiel Menalled • Country Argentina • Date Friday, January 20, 13.00h • Sala N2, Centro GAM

     “I’m researching how the intimate becomes political and how fiction works as part of and molds what is real. I think we’re no more than a meeting point between different links that go beyond us. Una tierra salvaje emerges, therefore, from the need to explore other theatrical forms of expression and other ways of organizing what happens and what unfurls in the theater and from a deep-rooted obsession with the poetry of Ana Cristina Cesar”, indicates Nahuel.

    Nahuel Cano is an actor, director and teacher. He has worked in the movies, theater and television with directors such as Ricardo Bartis, Alejandro Tantanián and Lucrecia Martel. Since 2010, he has been director of the El Cuarto company. He was a winner at the Biennale of Young Art in Buenos Aires in 2014 with Todos Mis Miedos, won Best Director at the Theater XXI awards in 2014 (GETEA-UBA) and was awarded the 2015 Trinidad Guevara prize in the ‘Up-and-Coming’ category.

  • APARATO RADICAL plantas61
    By Manuela Infante • Country Chile • Date Friday, January 20, 17.00h • Sala N1, Centro GAM

    “This work is based on the revolutionary thought of plant philosophers such as Michael Marder and vegetable neurobiologists like Stefano Mancuso, who suggest reassessing our concept of the vegetable kingdom as one that is generally underestimated. The idea is to sound out how concepts such as vegetable intelligence or the vegetative soul can transform our creative practive”, she explains.

    Manuela Infante graduated from Arts at the University of Chile and has a Masters in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam. From 2001 to 2016, she was part of the Teatro de Chile company as playwright and director of plays such as Prat, Juana, Narciso and Zoo, as well as Fin (2008), which was premeired at the Modena Festival in Italy and What´s he building in there? (2011), the result of a residency at the Bob Wilson theatrical research establishment, The Watermill Center. She directed On the Beach, which was premiered at the Barishnikov Arts Center in New York (2012) and Don´t Feed the Humans at the Hebbel am Uffer in Berlin.

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