The International Festival Santiago a Mil is a festival of performing arts that takes place every year in January, mainly in Santiago, Chile, with extensions to other cities of the country. Organized by Fundación Teatro a Mil, since its creation in 1994 -with the name Teatro a Mil- until its XXIV edition in January 2017, the festival has presented 1.386 shows from 45 countries from the five continents, which have brought together 10.447.830 viewers.


Artistic excellence, vanguard and contemporaneity are the main stamps of Santiago to Mil, which are glimpsed through the annual participation of outstanding international artists and the selection of the most outstanding of the national billboard.


Composed of the co-productions of Fundación Teatro a Mil, and a selection of national theater and dance that, since 2006, has been held by independent judges -people from different professions, with different eyes- that change every year.


In charge of a curatorial team led by the general manager of Fundación Teatro a Mil, members of the Executive Directory of the foundation and international advisers in the United States and Europe; who perform viewing of works at festivals and encounters abroad.

Tocatas Mil

The musical programming of Santiago to Mil seeks to broadcast the voices, rhythms, and diversity of styles that renew Chilean and Latin American music. The selection is made by an external group of music programmers.



The Festival is based on a unique management model in Chile, based on two fundamental pillars: the work of network cooperation and a mixed financing system, which is the result of the collaboration of public institutions, private companies, international organizations, theaters, artists, media and suppliers.