By Luis Rivano
Director Ángel Lattus
Country Chile
Discipline Theater
Duration 1 h. without an intermission
Recommended for +14
Language Spanish
Dates January 7 and 8, 20:00 | Sidarte
Prices $6,000 general admission; $4,8000 students and senior citizens

A serial criminal, a construction worker and an adolescent at the beginning of his criminal career are held at the police headquarters in Santiago in 1969. In their claustrophobic cell, they share their very different stories about how they got where they are and talk about the dangers of arrests made ‘under suspicion of something’. Written by the recently deceased Luis ‘Paco’ Rivano, this play is a national theater classic that tackles a problem in the Chile of 1979 that is still valid today: the arbitrariness of arrests made under suspicion of something. Rivano, who was a policeman for 11 years, experienced this for himself.

This version of Por sospecha is directed by Ángel Lattus Vodanovic together with the University of Antofagasta Theater company, an award-wining group founded in 1962 that has performed at previous editions of Santiago a Mil with productions such as Los trenes se van al Purgatorio and La quebrada de los sueños.

Company University of Antofagasta Theater Playwright Luis Rivano Director Ángel Lattus Vodanovic Cast Raúl Rocco Rojas, Jorge González Troncoso, José Pedraza Tapia, Guillermo Cortés Sánchez Set, costume and lighting designer Guillermo Cortés Sánchez Sound Claudio Ortiz Chiang Technical manager and lighting Nilso Vega Muñoz Stage machinist Lorena Quezada Araya.

Ángel Lattus Vodanovic is a teacher of student teachers and an actor who trained under Pedro de la Barra. He has run workshops with Eugenio Guzmán, Marcos Pornoy, Sergio Arrau, Mario Tardito, Carlos Núñez and Abel Carrizo. Since 1962, he has been an actor with the University of Antofagasta Theater company, which he was director of for 35 years, taking part in almost all its productions and directing more than 30 of them. In 2006, he received the Apes award for Best Contribution to Regional Productions. He founded the ZICOSUR International Theater Festival of Antofagasta.

The University of Antofagasta Theater company was founded in 1962 under the name Teatro del Desierto at the University of Chile. With the arrival of Pedro de la Barra and his appointment as director, it became the only state theater with a permanent cast. Today, with more than a hundred plays staged and a well-balanced annual program, it is the most important theater group in the north of Chile. The company is currently directed by Raúl Rocco Rojas and is preparing for the remodeling of the building, a national monument, that is its home.

Galería de Imágenes

    • Antofagasta
    • Ruinas de Huanchaca (GRATUITO, previo retiro de invitaciones)
    • 4 Enero / 20:30h
    • Metropolitana de Santiago
    • Teatro Sidarte
    • 7 Enero / 20:30h
    • Metropolitana de Santiago
    • Teatro Sidarte
    • 8 Enero / 20:30h
  • Precio: $6.000