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Based on the experience gathered since 2004, Fundación Teatro a Mil has developed a unique management and funding model, based on a networked cooperation with artists, theaters and cultural centers, suppliers, and media, combined with a system of public and private financing.

The synergy of resources from different public funds and private companies allows to operate throughout the year and finance different projects. In the same way, the collaboration of Embassies, Cooperation Agencies, International Institutions, Municipalities, among others, allow establishing different alliances that contribute to financing part of our projects.

All the public resources managed by Fundación Teatro a Mil are audited by the Contraloría General de la República (General Audit Office of the Republic) and rendered to the corresponding counterparts in reports, both regarding the expense, as well as the qualitative and quantitative results of each project.

We are grateful for the confidence of the collaborators who have supported our management and contributed to the decentralization of access to culture, such as the Government of Chile, Minera Escondida-BHP Billiton, National Council of Culture and Arts, Costanera Center, El Mercurio, TVN , Radio Bío Bío, Litoral Press, Renault, BEC, British Council, Goethe Institut-Chile, French Institute of Chile, municipalities throughout Chile, circuit of theaters of the Metropolitan Region, Cultural Centers throughout Chile, public and private cultural institutions, artists and national and international troupes with whom we work, among many others.