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We connect with our environment, the country and the world. We question ourselves about where we are, where we are going and how.


Every year is like a theatre premiere: we don’t know what is going to happen or how the audience will react. That feeling is our motor force.


The frame of collaborators of the foundation is wide, diverse and transversal. It is also dynamic and demanding: they mold the reach and the opportunities of action.

We are moved by values as diversity, freedom, inclusivity, tolerance, respect, collaboration and innovation. We are opened to reflection, creativity, good ideas and the many sights that compose our society.

What do we do

Every project that we develop is crossed by four main guidelines that lead our job as a cultural institution.

  • Creation. The realization of festivals, series and tours is the main creative motor for the foundation. The work is done along with Chilean and international troupes, helping in their creative process and broadcasting of new plays. The bond is materialized by means of production, co-production and representation trades, which aim is to encourage national circulation and improve a solid international projection. Up to this day, we have supported over 74 works from over 40 directors.
  • Access. We want to contribute with geographical decentralization of access to culture and for that, we are constantly looking for ways to present shows all over Chile. Access is also settled through policies that allow us to offer free shows, ticket discounts and free access special programs for socially vulnerable people, in addition to Boletería Teatral (Ticket Office).
  • Education. We want to widen and motivate new audiences for scenic arts through occasions of exchange and learning, where the public has a space to think collectively, have new experiences, to question and to be questioned. Regarding artists education, we perform master classes and workshops with relevant national and international artists that participate in our projects. In addition to that, we manage programs of artistic education in alliance with international cultural institutions, like the dramaturgy workshops with the Royal Court Theatre, the scenic direction program with the Goethe Institut and residencies with The Watermill Center, the New York Theatre Workshop and the Baryshnikov Arts Center.
  • Broadcasting/Internationalization. We are part of the world and we work relentlessly to open new spaces for Chilean and Latin-American scenic arts beyond our borders. For this purpose, we developed the programmers’ week PLATEA, in order to promote opportunities for production, broadcasting, and programming for the shows. Every year, it gathers about 200 programmers from all over the world interested in viewing theater, dance and music shows. After years of experience, Platea has become the main exhibition platform for contemporary scenic arts in Chile. In matters of international broadcasting, we have managed tours for hundreds of troupes in the most important theaters and festivals all over the world. Between 2014 and 2016, we presented shows in over 34 countries with 450 performances.