National and International Circulation
National and International Circulation
Fundación Teatro a Mil is an international institution whose task revolves around the circulation, promotion, production, and creation of Chilean and Latin American theatrical companies overseas. Its objective is to put national and Latin American theatre within the international arena while articulating and generating collaborative networks, and promoting the development of platforms in order to give feasibility to such cultural investment.
World Tours

The realization of festivals, series and tours is the main creative motor for the foundation. The work is done along with Chilean and international troupes, helping in their creative process and broadcasting of new plays. The bond is materialized by means of production, coproduction and representation trades, which aim is to encourage national circulation and improve a solid international projection. Up to this day, we have supported over 74 works from over 40 directors, and between 2014 and 2016, we presented shows in over 34 countries with 450 performances.


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