National and International Circulation
National and International Circulation
Fundación Teatro a Mil is an international institution whose task revolves around the circulation, promotion, production, and creation of Chilean and Latin American theatrical companies overseas. Its objective is to put national and Latin American theatre within the international arena while articulating and generating collaborative networks, and promoting the development of platforms in order to give feasibility to such cultural investment.

Agreements and understandings are aimed at generating alliances of collaboration and cultural exchange between the Teatro a Mil Foundation and renowned cultural institutions worldwide. The aim of these alliances is to guarantee Chilean stage artists the opportunity to perform at prestigious theaters and cultural centers by touring their plays, as well as their participation in artistic residencies. There are currently eleven international agreements in place. Artistic Residencies The aim of this initiative is to encourage Chilean artistic creativity and exploration in renowned international environments. Giving artists the opportunity to experience other scenes and inviting them to develop their work in a different context helps them grow within a diverse and different environment, gaining new points of reference and for reflection and learning about aesthetics from around the world.

This agreement was signed in 2015 for theatrical productions to be shared between both institutions and Chilean artists sent to participate in its summer artistic residencies at Dartmouth College (Hanover, New Hampshire) from August 1-21 each year. The NYTW invites artists to a week-long residency, where they work on a project, collaborate with the Dartmouth Theater 65 and the NYTW artistic community, watch other companies’ rehearsals and transmit the theater and culture of their country to students. Applications are focused on writers of contemporary theater. In 2015, Ítalo Gallardo, the Chilean playwright and director was chosen and, in 2016, it was the turn of playwright and director, Camila Le-Bert. Founded in 1979, the New York Theater Workshop is dedicated to ensuring the robust presence of the artist in our society. This mission is manifested in two distinct focuses of activity: firstly through putting on productions in Manhattan’s East Village and secondly by supporting the participation of theater-makers at all stages of their careers in training activities and residencies, offering the theatrical community a home for collaboration, growth and exploration. Founded in 1769, Dartmouth College offers undergraduate liberal arts programs and has distinguished graduate schools in medicine, engineering and business administration, as well as 19 post-graduate programs in the arts, humanities and sciences.

This agreement was signed in December 2015 and guarantees the inclusion of at least one Chilean company every year in the summer, autumn and/or spring residency at the Watermill Center. The agreement, valid until December 2019, commits each side to providing an annual budget of USD $6,000 to cover the stay and travel of those selected. In 2016, the visual artist, Basco Vazko, was chosen, as well as the companies run by Alejandro Contreras and Ébana Garín. Located in Long Island, New York, the Watermill Center was founded by the renowned North American playwright and director, Robert Wilson. Since opening its doors in 2006, it has received artists from around the world, particularly those who combine different disciplines and types of art in their work with outlooks that break the mold of contemporary culture.

This agreement was signed in April 2016 and involves a collaboration lasting two years between both institutions. Each has committed to providing USD $25,000 per year to encourage artistic residencies and training, promote coproductions and design academic programs, workshops and conferences, all involving exchange between the Chilean artistic community and CalArts. The California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), founded in 1970, is a university that offers rigorous undergraduate and graduate degree programs through six schools – Critical Studies, Dance, Film/Video, Music and Theater. CalArts champions creative excellence, critical reflection and the development of new forms and expressions. Inspired by the vision of Walt Disney, it invites experimentation, independent inquiry and collaboration and exchange among artists, artistic disciplines and cultural traditions.

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