National and International Circulation
National and International Circulation
Fundación Teatro a Mil is an international institution whose task revolves around the circulation, promotion, production, and creation of Chilean and Latin American theatrical companies overseas. Its objective is to put national and Latin American theatre within the international arena while articulating and generating collaborative networks, and promoting the development of platforms in order to give feasibility to such cultural investment.
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If you are interested in one of the plays in the catalog or need more information about the Foundation’s National and International Circulation work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gino Tapia | Commercial and Project Development Director | | +56229250329

Andrés García | National and International Circulation Sub-Manager | | +56229250306

María José Andrade | International Projects Coordinator  |

Leonel Cornejo | National Circulation Coordinator | | +56 +56229250366

Javiera Parada | Advisor  for International Programming and Strategic Projects | | +56990151539

Olga Garay | International Advisor |

Luisa Tupper | Platea Coordinator | | +562229250330

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